Top Gun provides a service to apply a special type of concrete though a pneumatic hose. Coined as “shotcrete”, “gunite”, or “sprayed concrete”, this application process is used for swimming pools, bridge repair, soil nailing, skateparks, and other projects.

Shotcrete & Gunite

Shotcrete and gunite are forms of pneumatically-applied concrete, typically reinforced with steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers. Shotcrete is placed and compacted simultaneously with the force from which it exits the hose.
Shotcrete is known for having additional benefits over form-poured concrete, such as higher strength, low permeability, and high durability. These attributes can be further enhanced by adding addatives into the mix such as silica fume, air-enttraining admixtures, fibers, and accelerators.
Gunite application on a residential driveway
Gunite application on a residential driveway
Shotcrete application on a commercial retaining wall
Shotcrete application on a commercial retaining wall

Wet vs. Dry Process

There are two application processes of sprayed concrete: Dry Mix (Gunite) and Wet Mix (Shotcrete). Each process has specific benefits and attributes that can make it naturally the best choice for certain types of jobs.

Top Gun of Virginia has the experience and knowledge to help guide you on which process type is best for your project and how best to leverage the natural benefits of each application type.
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