Our shotcrete nozzlemen are ACI/ASA-certified (Wet-Mix Process) to the highest quality standards every five years to ensure proper techniques and safety.

ACI/ASA Certification Process

Top Gun’s nozzlemen hold Shotcrete Nozzleman certifications from the American Concrete Institute (ACI). The education and testing are provided by the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) as the primary sponsoring group.

All of our nozzlemen are held to a quality standard to provide assurance that the entire shotcrete team have proven their knowledge and ability consistently place quality shotcrete.

Licensed Contractor

Top Gun of Virginia, Inc. is a licensed contractor and fully licensed to operate in Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), West Virginia (WV), Delaware (DE), North Carolina (NC), and the District of Columbia (DC). Top Gun has been providing quality shotcrete and gunite services on both private and public jobs for over 35 years.
  • Virginia Class A Contractor - #2205051933 Classifications – CEM, CIC, HIC, POL REC
  • Virginia Department of Transportation VDOT - Pneumatic Mortar – Subcontractor #T980
  • West Virginia Contractor - #WV026572
  • West Virginia – City of Martinsburg Contractor - #30090-68449
  • State of Maryland Contractor / Salesman - #5347681
  • State of Maryland Out of State Contractor - #15458471
  • District of Columbia Class A General Construction - #410512000487
  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – Business License Contractor - #3946328
  • North Carolina Classification – Highway / Public Utilities - #73577
  • State of Delaware – Business License Contractor Non Resident - #2002106743
  • North American Industry Classification “NATCS” Gunite / Shotcrete Contractor - #238110

Job Hazards & Safety

Top Gun of Virginia maintains the highest regard for safety. We have worked with the Army Corps of Engineers in safety training, familiar with Safe Start Orientation Programs and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). We assure that general contractors’ and pool builders’ safety guidelines are followed. We provide worker safety environment construction such as soil stabilization and pre-site access concerns. Top Gun employees receive annual Safety and Hazcom training along with toolbox meetings to maintain a safe working behavior.

ICRI Demo Day 2019

November 7th, 2019, Top Gun of Virginia was invited to present at the International Conrete Repair Institute (ICRI) demo day in Henrico, Virginia.
Top Gun’s credited course on Shotcrete Repair was well received by everyone in attendance. The primary presenter, Top Gun General Sales Manager Dick Frederick, is a Board Member of the IRCI Virginia Chapter.
8:00am - 5:00pm 2 to 6
(703) 550-9207 info@topgungunite.com